Is it time for Democracy 2.0?

Is it time for Democracy 2.0?

In June Tedx returned to Stavanger for the first time since 2013, and Bolder’s founder and CEO Eirik Skjærseth was invited on stage to elaborate on the use of Conscious Technology, the pitfalls or democracy and discrepancies between human empowerment and traditional business value creation. 

Empowering Autonomy through conscious use of technology is at the heart of Bolder’s mission, and the core message of our Tedx talk this summer.

Bolder was founded on a vision to explore and develop new ways of empowering humanity through the use of conscious technology, bridging the widening gaps of inequality and creating platform that will allow individuals to control their own share of world’s most valuable commodity: Data.

In his Tedx talk, Eirik explains and discusses how society, in light of how rapid changes in power redistribution and technology-driven solutions affect our lives, can come together to collectively find better ways to cover our basic needs and fulfill our purposes.

It is a very interesting presentation, and it is at the core of what Bolder is all about.


See the eye-opening session here:


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