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In the name of value creation

Individual Access to the right digital tools and platforms is key to conscious, data-driven value creation. The founder of Bolder, Eirik Skjaerseth, in collaboration with CEO of Bolder, Tomas Olsson, has been spearheading digital democratization for decades and is shaping the future of contribution economies. Bolder’s...

Closer to the edge

Why do all these chickens keep crossing the road? That’s not that important. But knowing whether the chicken is alone, its entry and exit points, crossing patterns and timing is a great starting point for data analysis and value creation. It’s also what the Bolder...

The artful balance between tech and outdoor life

Bolder was once again invited on stage during this week's Nordic Edge smart city conference in Stavanger, where our resident active tourism and technology expert and UiS associate professor Truls Engstrøm shared his thoughts on how technology can contribute to the evolvement of a modern,...

Bolder at Nordic Edge

  [caption id="attachment_22913" align="alignright" width="300"] F.l: Bolder's Truls Langstrøm and Eirik Skjærseth together with  section leader Aina Hovden Lunde from the Municipality of Stavanger and Gunnar Crawford, Head of Smart City Developments for Stavanger.[/caption] On this year's Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger, Bolder is participating as a...

Is it time for Democracy 2.0?

In June Tedx returned to Stavanger for the first time since 2013, and Bolder’s founder and CEO Eirik Skjærseth was invited on stage to elaborate on the use of Conscious Technology, the pitfalls or democracy and discrepancies between human empowerment and traditional business value creation.  [caption...