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Tomas Olsson, CEO of Bolder

Contribution champion

Individual access to the right digital tools and platforms is key to conscious, data-driven value creation. Tomas Olsson has been spearheading digital democratization for decades, and as CEO of Bolder he is now perfectly seated to help shape the future of contribution economies.   Bolder’s main objective...

In the name of value creation

Bolder AS has joined forces with Swedish privacy software developer EyeonID Group AB (EOID). The merger combines Bolder’s unique peer-driven privacy platform with EyeonID’s proprietary ID anti-theft software, setting the stage for a new standard for contribution economy solutions. Perfect partnerships occasionally emerge by happenstance. The...

What does Bolder mean to you?

Philosophy is at the heart of everything Bolder does. We make sure to approach each new idea and project with our three core values in mind: Adventurous, Including, and Real. But what about the name “Bolder”? Everyone has their own interpretation of this word, but that...

Smart City Expo Barcelona

  "Exploring the Power of Autonomy" Truls Langfeldt speaking at the Nordic Pavilion in Barcelona. We were invited on stage by Innovation Norway to talk about our Smart City solutions and why Bolder's approach to Citizen involvement is a game changer for the industry....

Bolder at Nordic Edge

  [caption id="attachment_22913" align="alignright" width="300"] F.l: Bolder's Truls Langstrøm and Eirik Skjærseth together with  section leader Aina Hovden Lunde from the Municipality of Stavanger and Gunnar Crawford, Head of Smart City Developments for Stavanger.[/caption] On this year's Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger, Bolder is participating as a...

Is it time for Democracy 2.0?

In June Tedx returned to Stavanger for the first time since 2013, and Bolder’s founder and CEO Eirik Skjærseth was invited on stage to elaborate on the use of Conscious Technology, the pitfalls or democracy and discrepancies between human empowerment and traditional business value creation.  [caption...

Meet our interns!

This summer we have had the pleasure of welcoming a new group of passionate individuals to our team. It has been nothing but a pleasure to see each person unlocking their unique set of skills and potential, acting as a breath of fresh air in...