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Bolder at Nordic Edge

  [caption id="attachment_22913" align="alignright" width="300"] F.l: Bolder's Truls Langstrøm and Eirik Skjærseth together with  section leader Aina Hovden Lunde from the Municipality of Stavanger and Gunnar Crawford, Head of Smart City Developments for Stavanger.[/caption] On this year's Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger, Bolder is participating as a...

Meet our interns!

This summer we’ve been happy to welcome a new group of passionate and talented individuals to our team. It’s been nothing but a pleasure to see each person unlocking their unique set of skills and potential, acting as a breath of fresh air in the...

Bolder at Arendalsuka 2019

At our very first attendance at Arendalsuka, founder and CEO Eirik Skjærseth talked about sustainable mindset,  the triple bottom line and how our company work with the accounting framework with three parts: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial at Nordic Edge’s “The optimal effect for...

I Hate Plan B

Watch Arnold Schwarzeneggers as he speaks about some of the aspects of what makes him succesful. One of the most important take aways: "there is nothing wrong with failing. The difference between a loser and a winner is that the loser fail and stays down,...

Tedx Stavanger

Today Tedx Stavanger was hosted at the Stavanger konserthus. We were very excited that our CEO, Eirik Skjærseth, had been invited to be one of the speakers at the first Tedx event hosted in Stavanger since 2013.  It was a great event with a lot...

Bolder Breakfast, Mosvannet

Our latest Bolder Breakfast took place at Mosvatnet, a beautiful lake located near sentrum. The lake is popular amongst locals, has an attractive fauna as well as a range of activities throughout the year. The team gathered at the shed by the lake to start our...