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Bolder Office in Oslo!

We can proudly announce that Bolder has opened a new office in the innovative environment of the Oslo Science Park. As projects are materializing and the political and commercial awareness of the fundamental challenges with soon becoming a fully digital society increases, it is key for...

The Creator Economy

In this post the writer highlights some of the fundamental changes we are seeing within economics and the directions we are moving towards: "Creator economy enables individuals to create and share their creations via technology platforms. Under the realm of the creator economy consumers no longer just passively consume, they also actively create and contribute."   Economic Evolution:  During the early...

Internship at Bolder

Why Bolder?  Bolder believes in being conscious of the world we live in. Bolder’s philosophy centers around the idea that every person has the potential to add value through their own unique skills and talents. Bolder encourages people to explore their creative potential, we nurture an environment that is conducive to building you into a more creative version of...