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What if the world conformed to you?

So, you’ve found your way to Bolder and want to dig deeper. Well, you’re in the right place. Let’s break it down, shall we? The short version… Bolder supports a conscious lifestyle in both the physical and virtual world. We see each person as a value creator...

Is privacy dead?

If you take privacy seriously, you have probably heard of DuckDuckGo (DDG), the browser and search engine promising complete privacy so you can rest assured when you surf online. But have you heard of the tracking controversy that hit the company - and have you...

The power of boredom

When was the last time you got bored? Not in a “Mad Men is getting repetitive so I’ll just scroll through Facebook while I wait for something interesting to happen” or “I can’t believe my train is delayed so I guess I’ll put on a...

In conversation with Meta’s new chatbot

Meta’s new conversational AI chatbot can “converse on nearly any topic” and improves through user feedback, inviting members of the public to share their coffee break with the artificial intelligence named BlenderBot. Having read the reports of the bot being highly critical of its own creators, I...

Bolder from A to Z

Maybe it’s your first time browsing the site or perhaps you have heard about us during a conference and want to learn more. Bolder puts philosophy first, which is why it can be helpful to get to grips with our word bank in order to...