What if the world conformed to you?

What if the world conformed to you?

So, you’ve found your way to Bolder and want to dig deeper. Well, you’re in the right place. Let’s break it down, shall we?

The short version…

Bolder supports a conscious lifestyle in both the physical and virtual world. We see each person as a value creator and we strive to provide tools that help increase the value between individuals, businesses and organizations. Put simply, we are all about Human Centric Technology. 

Now, on to the longer version… 

The exploitative market

The Internet may not be the Wild West we knew in the 90s, but just because there is more structure does not mean it benefits the user. In fact, the control of the web has grown centralized to the point where it finds itself in the tight grip of only a handful of companies. These powerful players (such as Facebook, Google and Outlook) have little regard for their value creators, having built their fortune harnessing emerging digital technologies to gain access to user information. 

Under the current system, value only accumulates towards the platform owners – and they are willing to do just about anything to increase profit margins. That includes collecting data about our habits, life events, interests and triggers, which can be used to convince us to buy products we don’t need nor desire. And, of course, sell our time to the highest bidder. The ugly truth is that the algorithms behind our favourite social media apps are optimized to ensure we conform to the interests of their shareholders, and they know just how to grab our attention, shamelessly attract yet another click, and keep us glued to the screen.

Meanshile, most people either never realize that their data is being exploited, or they remain ignorant to get “free” access to what can be viewed as entertainment. But is it really worth the price? Not only are we offering free labor in the form of giving up our precious data, but these platforms are also failing to serve us the entertainment and convenience they claim to. After all, these services are not designed to support the user’s intentions, goals and pursuits. When the end goal is maximizing the profit of the company running the service, there is no room for real consideration of the user’s unique preferences. 

Shifting from centralized data to Human Centered data

Once you start unpacking the dark underbelly of the Internet, you might be asking yourself: How can I make choices based on what I believe is right when I’m constantly fed content I have little to no control over? How can I make choices that align with my values if advertisers sway my opinions by using my data against me? How can I ensure privacy and independence without logging off? How can we create value online that benefits society, rather than a few companies? Ultimately, how can we pave the way for a more ethical online world? 

Well, it’s not all doom and gloom because the answer to all of those concerns is rather simple: The shift from centralized data to Human Centered data. We believe the financial interests of Silicon Valley should no longer be allowed to dictate the direction of technological development. Instead, we should put the individual at the center. Just imagine the value creation that has been held back because we are denied control of our data, and imagine what can happen when we are finally free to collect, co-create and distribute our data in a way that supports our values. 

At Bolder, we are investing all our time in developing a platform for individuals, companies and organizations to co-create in a space where everone have control of the data created from their digital interactions. Regardless of your personal interests and pursuits, we believe you should be in charge of determining what matters to you. Give, lend or sell your data, it’s entirely up to you. 

In order to achieve fair creation, we believe in five crucial pillars:  Human Potential – Shared Legal Justice – Mutual Ethical Responsibilities – Sustainable Business Model – Technological Possibilities. The following two models illustrate the benefits of moving away from centralized data and surveillance capitalism, to focusing on maximizing human potential. 

Looking at the current system through the five pillars, we end up with untapped potential… 

This is why we work to develop Human Centric Technology where human potential is supported and empowered by digital tools that put you in charge… 

Moving towards a more distributed individual-centric system is logical, if not an inevitable direction, simply because it leads to higher total economic output than our current centralized system. Like the five pillars just reminded us, taking back the control of our data leads to more value production that we can all benefit from. As As we embark on this journey towards a truly ethical digital future, Bolder is here to help you navigate it. 

It’s not too late for a change, but it’s crucial that we start demanding more. Let’s put an end to the misuse of personal information. It’s a revolution. Are you ready for it?

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