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The world is changing fast. Every time you swipe your credit card, Google something, go for a run, rent a movie and interact with your phone, you give up valuable and private information. As you deposit such massive amounts of data, your every move is being monitored and stored by powerful global companies. Why? Because they are on a mission to learn things that not even you knew about yourself. Mapping everything from your interests and habits to thought patterns and concerns means these co-operations know the best ways to lock you into their products and profit from selling your privacy to companies around the world. You are left out of the loop, not knowing what happens to your information in exchange for “free” access to services like Google Maps, Facebook, Outlook and more. But the cost is far higher than you realize. Now, consider this: What if you could control all your data? What would you do with it? How would your life be? We call it Bolder because it will give you back your freedom. The freedom to do what you choose.

It’s your data – let’s take it back.

Bolder allows you take charge of your information and helps make sense of it. Imagine shooting an arrow through every source of information you know. Public data about yourself, private data like your bank transactions, social media, and data you collect with your phone, smartwatch, and house. Bolder provides tools that mash it together and lets your private cloud do all the heavy lifting, connecting the dots. We believe all the data you create should belong to you. You create it, you own it.

X-times the power of you

Every person is their own ecosystem, and Bolder help you build your world on your own terms. The power of machine learning and analytics previously only available to global corporations and specialists is now in your hands. The resulting insight will guide and empower you as you learn to set conscious goals for any journey in life.


“It is your journey – it should be on your terms”

Its your life. You manage it

No matter what your pursuits are, you should be the one to determine what is right for you. Imagine the amount of potential when you are in control of your data. In the new world, you manage who sees what and contribute in any way you like. Share, give, lend or sell everything, nothing, or something in-between. It’s up to you.


“Live your life consciously – make active contributions to your surroundings”

The power of creation

We are creators and makers at heart. Creating experiences gives meaning. By creating your own and include others, life literally gets another dimension. Create games, activities, tutorials, runs, bike trips or knitting classes. There is no limit, at least not on our end.

Interact with everything

Interactions are at the core of the Bolder platform. By utilizing sensor data, not only can you see interactions between the people and groups you surround yourself with, but also see your interactions with objects. Imagine a football that logs activities that other people have had with it. It even has its own profile. And because it’s all in the cloud, you don’t even need to be around it to interact with it. Your football will log every kick, curve and flip. It can even tweet every time someone scores a goal. Now that’s worth waiting for.

Benefits of contribution

Contribution is the new economy. You, your peers, businesses, research institutions, governments and others can contribute by making available infrastructure, information and a growing number of sensors producing data. By giving the ecosystems surrounding you access to your data and creations, the world can conform to your needs. Contributing your data to a larger ecosystem means you make the collective more valuable than the sum of its parts. In the new world, there are openings for co-creation based on any information or item made available by anyone, anywhere.

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