Meet the team: Anne-Sofie Engelschiøn – ‘I find energy in my work’

Meet the team: Anne-Sofie Engelschiøn – ‘I find energy in my work’

When it comes to something she believes in, the Chief Brand Officer does not shy away from immersing herself in the subject, nor is she afraid to voice her opinion. In fact, Anne-Sofie’s passions have taken her around the world, from Egypt to Italy – but we are lucky to have her land on Bolder. Let’s dive in. 

“I believe what we do helps make the world a better place,” Anne-Sofie proclaims. “I am particularly concerned with the role technology plays in how our society is organized. I could never imagine a workplace like Bolder existed, but it does, and I get to focus on all my interests,” she says humbly. Referring to her BA in political science and the MA in change management, she adds that her intention was to become a journalist, but as time will have it, she grew increasingly interested in philosophy. In the words of Anne-Sofie, philosophy is only useful when applied to everyday life, which is why she is grateful whenever she gets to make use of it in a work context.

In fact, philosophy tends to come in handy, as Anne-Sofie’s main responsibility is to define the Bolder brand and make sure it shines through, whether in presentations, meetings, or communication, both in-house and outside the office. She has been involved since the early days when Bolder was still a start-up, and she believes the company stands out because of its core values. For example, it does not rely on the push mentality we otherwise have become accustomed to. “You shouldn’t feel like you’re being pushed to buy things you don’t need. Instead, we start with you and ask you what your needs are.” Put simply, it is all about empowering the individual and giving them the chance to make conscious choices.

Anne Sofie assists mayor Dagny Hausken at the opening (13.05.22) of AIR by Bolder’s new project which invites schools in the region to visit the adventure center free of chare.


On a more personal level, Anne-Sofie’s dedication to leading a conscious life also materializes in the form of a love of the outdoors. “I feel most in harmony when surrounded by nature. Light a bonfire, sit around it and ponder. That’s when I can breathe deeply.” Previously, she worked as a kiting instructor in Egypt, Belize, Italy and Brazil. “When you combine work and travel, you become a part of the culture. I like to get to know the locals and understand what it’s really like to live there,” she explains. Although she very much enjoyed her time as a kiting instructor, being active wasn’t enough. “I reached a point where I missed that feeling that you are contributing something or expanding yourself in some way. You need both.”

What drew her to Bolder is simple. “I find energy in my work, it’s very rewarding,” she says, emphasizing that the company is not just concerned with data ownership but also the dangers of big tech using personal data against the individual. “It is very important that we get a place where you can define what you want to see. I’m not against being influenced, but I want to be in charge so I can make healthier choices, live more sustainably, be more active and open to new opinions.” In comparison, Facebook and Google use your data to influence without giving you the option to regulate it. The only solution is to opt-out of that community, but that is easier said than done when most friends and family are on these platforms and use them to share information.

“Facebook is only interested in getting as many likes as possible so they can sell more advertising. The more surprising or polarizing the content is, the more engagement it gets. Unfortunately, boring news does not get as much attention,” Anne-Sofie points out. The result? The start of a dangerous path where worldviews no longer match reality. She mentions how Facebook played a major role in various genocides yet refuses to take responsibility for it. “They claim to be just a platform, but in reality, the platform pushes things on you, and you make choices based on what they show you.”

Anne Sofie is working towards a future that is bolder. Are you ready to join the movement?

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