What if the world conformed to you?

What if the world conformed to you?

Here at Bolder, we like to start with a simple phrase: What if the world conformed to you? 

I’m used to thinking every piece of technology is here to serve and accommodate me. Making my life easier and certainly not harder. But then I realize my devices are not built to last. They are built to make a profit – which is why my phone got too old too fast, and now I worry about incoming iOS updates and have to carry around a powerbank wherever I go. When I take a closer look at not only this kind of practical function, but also the purpose of these devices that characterize my everyday life, I end up with the same question. Are these innovations conforming to me or am I conforming to them?

As much as I like to think otherwise, the truth is that my #foryoupage is not actually made for me because the algorithm is not designed to support my intentions, goals and pursuits of a conscious lifestyle. Instead, it is made to grab my attention, shamelessly attract yet another click and keep me glued to the screen. The data streams I create might serve me a piece of entertainment but there is a less cheerful transaction happening simultaneously: Time after time, my data is used to convince me to want something I don’t need nor asked for.  

It is a hard pill to swallow but turning a blind eye means I skip the question of how this subtle manipulation is impacting my life. For example, how can I make choices based on what I believe is right if I’m constantly fed content I have little to no control over? How can I make choices that align my values if advertisers try to sway my opinions by using my personal data against me? And how can I form a rounded worldview and maintain an open-minded attitude if an algorithm serves me increasingly radical content to the point where I lose touch with reality?

“Our interactions with technology are never passive nor one-sided, but our expectations to technology can be.”


When we, here at Bolder, talk about conforming, these are the conscerns we are referring to. We dare to ask what happens if we break the mould. Instead of starting with the financial interests of Silicon Valley as the primary motivation, we put the individual and their needs in the center of development. Take a moment, sit back, relax and ask yourself this: If you were to describe yourself, what labels would you use and in which order? Perhaps it will look something like this: Father, Husband, Friend, Worker, Cook, Fishing enthusiast, Singer of bedtime songs, Selector of apples on display in the kitchen fruit bowl. Regardless of the words you use to describe yourself, from micro to macro, you should be in charge of determining what matters the most and what is right for you. In other words, the world should conform to you.

Our interactions with technology are never passive nor one-sided, but our expectations to technology can be. Have you ever wondered what you would do with your data if you could control all of it and how that might impact the rest of your life and the communities you are a part of? Well, Bolder is here to support you as you learn the true value of taking control of your data and how that can empower you on your journey through life, rather than being used to influence in ways that are unknown to you. In this new world, you are in charge of determining when you want to either give, lend or sell your data, allowing you to contribute to your own growth and that of the communities you see fit.

It’s a revolution. Can you see it? 

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