What does Bolder mean to you?

What does Bolder mean to you?

Philosophy is at the heart of everything Bolder does. We make sure to approach each new idea and project with our three core values in mind: Adventurous, Including, and Real. But what about the name “Bolder”? Everyone has their own interpretation of this word, but that does not make it any less important to our mission. This is what Bolder means to our team members:


“To me, it means being brave: Daring to take up space and voice your opinion.”

– Ann Sesile Tekfeldt 


“It’s deeply tied to making conscious and active choices. That can be applied to anything, not only technology. For instance, I apply this logic to the fashion industry by asking if the production is conscious. I also look at it like this: It’s important to make active choices, but it’s equally important to have the chance to choose in the first place. When you go grocery shopping, you might want to pick an organic product, but many stores do not offer that – and that’s one less option. Regardless of how many other choices you have, that is still one less option. ‘Bolder’ means having the possibility and freedom to make your own choices based on your values.”

– Anne-Sofie Engelschiøn


“I have worked for Bolder since the very beginning and have been a part of shaping our values. To me, the word ‘Bolder’ represents our main values: Adventurous, Including, and Real. ‘Including’ is very important because it’s all about daring to include those who have a different opinion than you, and truly listening to their perspectives in order to expand your own understanding. A part of that also means being adventurous and challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone. ‘Real’ has always meant a lot to me because I like to voice my opinions and I appreciate when others do the same.”

– Gian Kolbjørnsen


“Being an explorer is the first thing that comes to mind. That means being curious and challenge the culture and society you’re a part of – not negatively or provocatively, but rather in a questioning and constructive way.”

– Håvard Tjørhom


“I believe it’s about living and doing the best you can, only measuring yourself against yourself.”

– Joe Chesak


“You can look up the word in the dictionary and choose to discuss its meaning in a very official way, but to me, it has an emotional meaning. ‘Bolder’ is when you feel very light, as if you’re floating in the air. It’s having the power to stand with your legs on the ground, while your mind is somewhere high in the sky. You’re flying as you choose a new and creative direction.”

– Julia Onuchak


“I focus on the ‘bold’ (to be bold) component of the word. It means to strike something that hasn’t been struck before. When I explain the company to other people, I always emphasize the uniqueness, individualism, and the boldness of the company.”

– Kelsie Ennis


“Bolder means daring to stand up for what you believe is important.”

– Truls Engstrøm


As you can see, “Bolder” is not limited to one single definition. What is certain, however, is that Bolder is all about supporting your values and ability to stand up for what you believe in, by facilitating bolder solutions for your bolder choices.

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