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Closer to the edge

Why do all these chickens keep crossing the road? That’s not that important. But knowing whether the chicken is alone, its entry and exit points, crossing patterns and timing is a great starting point for data analysis and value creation. It’s also what the Bolder...

Tomas Olsson, CEO of Bolder

Contribution champion

Individual access to the right digital tools and platforms is key to conscious, data-driven value creation. Tomas Olsson has been spearheading digital democratization for decades, and as CEO of Bolder he is now perfectly seated to help shape the future of contribution economies.   Bolder’s main objective...

In the name of value creation

Bolder AS has joined forces with Swedish privacy software developer EyeonID Group AB (EOID). The merger combines Bolder’s unique peer-driven privacy platform with EyeonID’s proprietary ID anti-theft software, setting the stage for a new standard for contribution economy solutions. Perfect partnerships occasionally emerge by happenstance. The...