Past meets future at Utstein Kloster Hotel

Past meets future at Utstein Kloster Hotel

Outside, the clouds are dark and heavy, but inside Utstein Kloster Hotel it is toasty among the burnt-orange couches and high wooden ceilings. With Norway’s only preserved medieval monastery just a stone’s throw away, the hotel shares not only the name of the monastery but also the historic spirit that seems to belong to the area. Getting ready to install the 3D camera under the churchlike roof, you cannot help but wonder: What better place to introduce an element of the future? 

Utstein Kloster Hotel is among the first spaces to trial the Stereolabs x Bolder collaboration. Despite the advanced technology that lies behind it, the concept is simple. Using the Stereolabs 3D and motion sensing camera paired with Bolder technology, we test how the human sensing system and the digital realm can come together and create value. 

It might not be possible to be everywhere at once, but this is as close as it gets.” 


In this particular case, the technology is used to detect, measure and notify staff of visitors. For such a small but mighty hotel, having another pair of (digital) eyes in the reception and surrounding outdoor area means that even on days where a lower number of staff is present, it is still possible to ensure that no visitor is left unattended. The digital presence allows staff to get on with more pressing tasks without worrying about tending to the reception until notified by the 3D camera. It might not be possible to be everywhere at once, but this is as close as it gets. 

The solution represents one of the identified needs that can be supported by the Stereolabs x Bolder technology, but the story does not end there. With some more trial and error, we can continue to develop ways to meet the hotel’s needs to ensure a seamless experience for both staff and customers. Your imagination is the only limitation. 

What is important to remember is that while the technology will continue to be advanced and tailored, our core values remain the same so you can trust we put privacy first.  When information is picked up by the camera, it is saved as anonymised data instead of actual video frames. In other words, the technology may depend on data-collection but is always fully GDPR compliant. The result is technology made for you on your terms.

For more information concerning Bolder’s technology and commitment to privacy, feel free to contact Truls Engstrøm at or give us a call via +47 907 71 446.



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