AIR by Bolder: Where adventures and active lifestyles meet

AIR by Bolder: Where adventures and active lifestyles meet

Bolder, Tvedt Eiendom and Unisport are collaborating on the opening of a top tier activity- and experience-center designed to promote an active lifestyle and adventurous mindset, as well as personal growth and social development. AIR by Bolder is due to open in mid-2020 @Forus, in the heart of the Stavanger region.

AIR by Bolder is a massive structure and undertaking. It makes sure to offer guests of all ages and from all demographic segments opportunities to push their physical and mental limits, be active, and let that positively impact their daily lives. It is all rooted in the Bolder approach to cutting edge technology utilization and the benefits of a true cyber-physical arena.

The center will be open all year, an offer which is one of a kind among physical attractions. There is room for both play and exercise, with possibilities for meetings, gatherings, birthdays, lectures and speeches, events, festivals, and more.

Located inside the center you will also find the state of the art coffee shop Kokko Kaffebar and the Air by Bolder shop which offers high quality and hard to get gear, as well as in-house developed products.

AIR by Bolder is built on our firm principles and values. It will be centered around personal freedom, private data ownership, stimulation of an active lifestyle, inclusion, democratizing of participation, and the embracing of real, tangible, and custom personal goals and aspirations.

For updates, see on the web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Stay adventurous. Stay knowledge hungry. Experience life.



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