Master’s thesis written about Bolder “Tested in Stavanger, a smart city framework”

Master’s thesis written about Bolder “Tested in Stavanger, a smart city framework”

Finally we got to read the finished Master’s thesis «Tested in Stavanger» A smart city framework that has been written about Bolder by Sindy Birkelid.

Sindy has international experience, and has a Master’s Degree in Time Based Media with Electronic Imaging, and led her own award-winning company in London. In addition to consulting environment, she has experience from Sparebank 1 SR-Bank with a strategic focus on self-service solutions in Stavanger. In Innovation Norway, she has worked on visualization of Norwegian business and developing the position of Norwegian core competency and technology internationally. Through counseling and workshops, courses and lectures in market orientation, business modeling and strategic use of design, she creates and arena for sharing knowledge and learning. She sets directions, goals and follow-up to move on and get the involved partners so that we together build skills that are impactful for results. Sindy  has a big interest in, and is very motivated to further  develop Stavanger’s position as a leading smart city that will provide more jobs, major environmental gains and better services. In her study leave from Innovation Norway, she has written a Master’s thesis about Bolder through Executive Master in Strategic Management at BI.

The paper focuses on how to develop the partner network around Bolder’s framework for smart cities in establishing Stavanger as a regional laboratory for research and development. To arrive at a joint action, critical factors to succeed  in realizing the Active Stavanger project within the Tested in Stavanger vision have been reviewed.

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