In the name of value creation

In the name of value creation

Bolder AS has joined forces with Swedish privacy software developer EyeonID Group AB (EOID). The merger combines Bolder’s unique peer-driven privacy platform with EyeonID’s proprietary ID anti-theft software, setting the stage for a new standard for contribution economy solutions.

Perfect partnerships occasionally emerge by happenstance. The merger of Bolder and EyeonID was no coincident, however. With both parties looking for ways to elevate and expand their  respective products in a fast-paced digital world, Bolder and EyeonID was bound to team up eventually.

A PERFECT FIT: The joint forces of Bolder and EyeonID is a perfect fit for creating a sustainable, new contribution economy platform (Photo: EyeonID)

Bolder has been evolving and expanding for years, and in early 2020 we got the opportunity to on-board Swedish data vault specialists and app developer Zynapp; another perfect match to ensure the data security aspects of our peer-based eco system. The merger brought Zynapp’s Swedish then-CEO and veteran tech entrepreneur Tomas Olsson into the fold. Tomas is now the CEO of Bolder and has been instrumental in realizing the new EyeonID merger alongside Bolder’s founder, Eirik Skjaerseth.


Conscious control

– The current surveillance economy era we are living in is nothing short of global social problem. Our mission to create a new standard for peer-to-peer data value creation is becoming more relevant every day, and to ensure that we launch broad solutions that are iron clad, both technically and privacy-wise, is essential for our market foothold. Our merger with EyeonID comes with perfect timing and alignment with our roadmap, says Tomas.

EyeonID is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Nasdaq OMX Stockholm/STO) and offers proactive anti-theft alarm solutions that protect individuals and corporations through proprietary technology. When a breach is detected, EyeonID will alert its customers before information falls into the wrong hands, is abused and create real problems. It also offers advice on actions to take and how to solve alerts related to global and comprehensive ID-theft insurance.

It is a proven and trusted addition to the Bolder eco system.


Future ready

– We always have a clear vision when exploring new partnerships: A need for shared values and a track record of hands-on approaches. We were very much aligned with Zynapp on this, and their team proved to be a great boost for us on our journey, says Eirik.

– In addition to the shared values, EyeonID brought scalability and production experience to the table, which is vital for our long-term success. Paired with our visions and context-based approach we are now positioned to create stellar products that can be launched and applied to tangible, scalable and purpose-driven objectives.

– Their base technologies are fantastic, and we can help productize them in brand new ways, he adds.


The merger effectively introduces Bolder to the Stockholm Stock Exchange as part of EyeonID Group.



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