In the name of value creation

In the name of value creation

Individual Access to the right digital tools and platforms is key to conscious, data-driven value creation. The founder of Bolder, Eirik Skjaerseth, in collaboration with CEO of Bolder, Tomas Olsson, has been spearheading digital democratization for decades and is shaping the future of contribution economies.

Bolder’s main objective has always been to develop a new standard for data-driven ecosystems built to transfer value creation back to individual users. It’s a stark contrast to the current ecosystems we all use and partake in today, where large multi-national conglomerates capitalize on surveying your habits, desires, interactions, and preferences.

Tomas Olsson has extensive experience from both project development and product rollouts from companies like Telia, Nextra, Telenor. Tomas is also no stranger to entrepreneurship, having founded and headed several start-ups over the years. He took the helm of Bolder in early 2020 to strengthen the operation, giving Eirik Skjaerseth more time to focus on detailed technical developments and business opportunities.

Value creation
– I’ve always been an entrepreneur, and Bolder’s vision of an eco-system based on autonomy and peer-to-peer, contribution-based value creation was a great fit for me. When we finalize development and proceed with our planned solution rollouts, we will offer a world-leading, user-centric value creation platform. Being a part of that journey is a major inspiration for me, says Eirik.

Exponential possibilities
The current dominance of surveillance economy platforms is not just invading privacy, affecting our daily lives, and benefitting selected few major brands. It is also naturally restricted in terms of value creation.

– The contribution economy model has exponential growth potential, as it’s driven by individual needs and desires, not a game plan set by major corporations. The concept of individual data control, selected sharing and personal benefits based on personal input is gaining momentum every day. We are already ahead of the curve in terms of both vision and technology, and the key now is speed. Tangible products are in the pipe says, Tomas.

The first out-of-the-box solution is our collaboration with Stereolabs. Bolder and Stereolabs are two companies that recognize the importance of empowering the individual. Stereolabs’ 3D technology, AI, and motion sensor, combined with Bolder’s vision and platform that gives the individual control over his own digital life, will help streamline companies’ operations and facilitate new business models through solutions that strengthen the cyber-physical experience. This makes GDPR and Privacy topics of opportunity rather than obstacles and gives rise to business models that both individuals and companies will benefit from.

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