Bolder x Stereolabs: Ready to take user experiences to the next level?

Bolder x Stereolabs: Ready to take user experiences to the next level?

Ready. Set. Go. The Bolder x Stereolabs collaboration is finally here. 

“We are two companies that share the view of how important it is to empower the individual,” says the CEO of Bolder, Tomas Olsson, about the exciting new collaboration that “will help streamline companies’ operations and facilitate new business models with solutions that strengthen the cyber physical experience.” In fact, Stereolabs’ knowledge of 3D technology, AI and motion sensing – paired with Bolder’s mission to give individuals control over their own information – is unlocking a world of opportunity for improved user experiences.

Technology of the future

Let’s break it down. Thanks to thousands of developers from all across the globe, Stereolabs has managed to transport the human sensing system into the realms of machine intelligence. The device is complete with two cameras for eyes, perceiving depth and motion in the same way a pair of human eyes do. The result is a 3D camera that counts, maps, recognizes and analyzes the movements of every user that cross its pathway.

“But why does a machine need human qualities and how can that benefit me?” you may ask. The answer is simple: the software itself is customized to each company’s needs which means the collected data does not only provide a better overview of the chosen area but can also reveal information that helps identify room for improvement. 

So far, the technology is being tested at the beaches of Jæren, in Magma Geopark, the Ryfylke museums, Clarion Hotel Energy and Utstein Kloster Hotel. The technology has also come to life inside AIR by Bolder , a space which is used as a real-life lab for testing new concepts and solutions. The individual purpose may vary but the mission is always to enrich user experiences. 

For example, a hotel might need a camera that notifies staff whenever someone enters the lobby to ensure no guest is left waiting. The cameras can also be a helpful aid in the case of a fire, as they provide an up-to-date and accurate count of people present on each floor of the building. Believe it or not, these devices can fit into the palm of a hand, making them easy to install and move around for various purposes that both users and companies benefit from.

Privacy without compromise

“The combination of what we do at Stereolabs, where we are a leader in 3D and motion sensing where AI is processed at the edge, and together with Bolder’s platform that ensures that the individual is in the driver’s seat around their information, makes laws such as GDPR and the focus on Privacy in the industry not an obstacle but rather an opportunity,” says Cecile Schmollgruber, CEO of Stereolabs. 

Considering Bolder’s dedication to privacy, the technology is, of course, fully GDPR compliant. The cameras are programmed to process data as timelines and numbers rather than traditional video recordings. Put simply, these devices do not care about who they detect but, rather, what that presence can reveal. 

In the words of Bolder’s founder and the architect behind this collaboration, Eirik Skjærseth: “Bolder is excited to start collaborating with a partner that shares the same philosophy and at the same time has complementary competencies and experience that would have taken us years to achieve. We could not have found a better match for collaboration.”

The Bolder x Stereolabs collaboration is the start of a new and groundbreaking chapter that will continue to develop in unpredictable ways – and we are excited to help you take charge of your story. Are you ready to join the adventure?

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