Bolder at Arendalsuka 2019

Bolder at Arendalsuka 2019

At our very first attendance at Arendalsuka, founder and CEO Eirik Skjærseth talked about sustainable mindset,  the triple bottom line and how our company work with the accounting framework with three parts: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial at Nordic Edge’s “The optimal effect for smarter cities” event.

Eirik talked about how Bolder AS works to strengthen the individual in the digital everyday life and develops tools that give you ownership and control of your information, as well as a framework that enables you to distribute your information on your premises.

Norway’s Arendalsuka is a national annual event and has since 2012 been the largest political gathering in Norway. The event has a clear mission to strengthen the belief in political empowerment and democracy through an open debate and involvement.

It aims to lower the threshold for political participation and inspire to civic engagement, by creating a politically independent forum where everyday citizens meet political leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, governmental organizations, media and NGO’s.

Chief Storyteller at Bolder Ann Sesilie Tekfeldt with Adam Mattison-Ward, head of corporate Partnerships in WWF Norway, Anita Mørdal, head of TV-aksjonen Agder and Bolder’s CEO Eirik Skjærseth.


Eirik Skjærseth talked about how to empower citizens in the digital world at the Nordic Edge event “The optimal effect for smarter cities”.


On board the Nordic Edge’s “Smartskuta” with Stig Finnesand, director of Smart City Cluster, CEO at Bolder AS Eirik Skjærseth and Tom Ryen, head of department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University in Stavanger.


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