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Testing new limits at Clarion Hotel Energy

With its metallic geometric exterior and claim to the title of Stavanger’s largest conference hotel, Clarion Hotel Energy is a far cry from our last stop – Utstein Kloster Hotel, with its humble size and wooden houses overlooking the sea. Nonetheless, the two hotels have one thing...

What does Bolder mean to you?

Philosophy is at the heart of everything Bolder does. We make sure to approach each new idea and project with our three core values in mind: Adventurous, Including, and Real. But what about the name “Bolder”? Everyone has their own interpretation of this word, but that...

Smart City Expo Barcelona

  "Exploring the Power of Autonomy" Truls Langfeldt speaking at the Nordic Pavilion in Barcelona. We were invited on stage by Innovation Norway to talk about our Smart City solutions and why Bolder's approach to Citizen involvement is a game changer for the industry....