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An ode to the loss of my attention span

The collective loss of our attention span has become somewhat of a running joke within my friendship circle. We like to trace it back to or, perhaps more correctly, blame it on the pandemic and the coping mechanism that was TikTok. With the 60-second format...

Recommended: Lessons to learn from Matrix

No, I’m not referring to the cult film starring Keanu Reeves, although there are lessons to be learnt from the rebels dressed in leather too. Instead, I’m focusing on a different kind of Matrix, namely the feminist architecture collective. Allow me to elaborate.  Founded in 1980s...

A Bolder journey

It feels as though I’m looking at myself in a funhouse mirror that appeared without me lifting a single finger. Only that it’s not fun and lifting a finger is exactly what I have done. Every swipe, scroll, click and tap, Google was there to...

Bonfire Talks: Jesper Konstantinov of Social Sports

Listening to Jesper Konstantinov speak about his latest project, you cannot help but smile. Not just because the idea itself is a reason to celebrate, but because the joy he feels towards his passions is undeniably contagious. But don’t take my word for it, in...

Let’s talk about the dangers of human bias in AI

In light of recent reports of a Google engineer being suspended after saying that an AI chatbot has become sentient, the dangers of AI are in the spotlight once again. Most experts have derided the claim but the fear of Terminator-esque scenarios, where artificial intelligence...

Recommended: The Social Dilemma

Data protection concerns each and every one of us - and our shared future. Not sure why? The Social Dilemma breaks it down for you.  What does it matter if social platforms monitor, track and profit off my online behavior? If this question has slipped into...