Author:Bakhtawar Khan

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Bolder Breakfast, Mosvannet

Our latest Bolder Breakfast took place at Mosvatnet, a beautiful lake located near sentrum. The lake is popular amongst locals, has an attractive fauna as well as a range of activities throughout the year. The team gathered at the shed by the lake to start our...

What is a Holacracy?

Holacracy is a term derived from two words holons and democracy, first used by Arthur Koestler in the book The Ghost in the Machine. Holacracy is a system of governance that is based on a flat organizational structure. Holacracy eliminates the need for a centralized...

Internship at Bolder

Why Bolder?  Bolder believes in being conscious of the world we live in. Bolder’s philosophy centers around the idea that every person has the potential to add value through their own unique skills and talents. Bolder encourages people to explore their creative potential, we nurture an environment that is conducive to building you into a more creative version of...