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Joe Chesak, featured community member in Neo4j

"Joe Chesak has been active in the Neo4j community for many years. He is extremely passionate about connected data and the capabilities of modeling and storing your data in graphs" We are proud to have employees that are passionate and drivers in their community. Read about...

Bolder Breakfast

This time the Bolder Breakfast had a little different format than normal. We want to use it to explore the area around Stavanger, and now we decided to og visit the newly opened high rope course. Putting some of the employees to the test, they...

Bolder Breakfast

Another Bolder Breakfast. Gathering the team and  meeting outside the office is a great tradition. Meeting outside of the normal context makes it easier to get to know each other even better. This time we had visitors from our office in India and it was...

Bolder Breakfast

The tradition we have in Bolder to gather the team and go outside to have breakfast is deeply rooted in our philosophy.  Its about discovering the places in you neighborhood, being curious of your sorroundings, its not necessary to travel far to get the good experiences....

Some Highlights from Nordic Edge Expo 2017

After a very successful Nordic Edge we would like to share some of  our highlights: Excited about putting you at the center we contributed to the program with our core competencies and passions within tech and philosophy, privacy right, sustainability, conscious and active living. Thank you to...